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Jeff 4 Justice Biography

Short Biography

Award-winning activist Jeff 4 Justice has been featured on Good Day Sacramento. His videos have appeared on major websites HuffPost and The Advocate.

Jeff 4 Justice has interviewed numerous political figures along with nominees and winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Grammy Award.

In 2021 Jeff 4 Justice returned to political activism to support equal rights of people who decline c19 jabs.

In Depth Biography

Award-winning activist Jeff 4 Justice became interested in politics in 2000 during the first presidential election of his adulthood. After quickly learning media was biased against the Green and Libertarian parties, he began organizing. He advocated for the inclusion of alternative political parties by doing local TV interviews and by writing letters to the editor of his local newspapers.

2000 10-05-00.jpg

In 2003, Jeff 4 Justice founded the first publicly-known LGBT group in his hometown, in the Yuba-Sutter area of northern California. He led the group from 2003-2007 and again from 2011-2012. He was also a chapter leader for Equality California from 2005-2008.

Jeff 4 Justice was employed with one of the largest political campaigns in United States history. He was a volunteer trainer and recruiter for No on 8 opposing the 2008 California ballot measure Proposition 8 which eliminated gay marriage equality.

2008 06-28.JPG
2008 04-19.JPG
2007 10-23.JPG

In 2010, Jeff 4 Justice began making videos for online venues. His first video was in opposition of California ballot measure Proposition 14 (“top two general elections”) which reduced voter choice of candidates in general elections and in-effect killed off the chances of alternative political parties from becoming viable in his home state. While Prop. 14 unfortunately passed, Jeff 4 Justice made videos helping defeat similar “top two general election” attempts: 2012 Arizona Proposition 121; 2014 Oregon Measure 90; and 2016 South Dakota Amendment V.


Jeff 4 Justice launched his own video channel in 2011 on a platform that by 2018 unfortunately began ejecting political creators who spoke out against establishment narratives. His channel attained nearly 3 million views and 13k subscribers. He removed all of his political videos in 2017 yet created a backup Jeff 4 Justice channel on that same platform to archive a few videos.

2011 J4J YouTube Channel Home Screen.JPG

Between 2011 and 2017 Jeff 4 Justice appeared on Good Day Sacramento and his videos were featured on major websites including HuffPost and The Advocate. Celebrities have paid attention to Jeff 4 Juice videos. Krist Novoselic of iconic rock band Nirvana once commented on one of his videos. Actress Roseanne Barr and dance music duo Right Said Fred have liked his tweets. Jeff 4 Justice did his own independent, out-of-pocket homeless outreach from 2011-2013.


While living out of an SUV (instead of traditional housing) himself, Jeff helped in-effect homeless people who didn’t choose to be stuck living out of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. He helped with tasks such as getting eyeglasses from nonprofits or trying to resolve parking tickets keeping homeless people stuck in the poverty trap. He interviewed many of the homeless people he met. 

2016 02-11.jpg

Jeff 4 Justice appears to be the only person to ever protest at a YouTube office and lived to tell. In 2016 he demonstrated in support of better fair use policies at YouTube Studios Los Angeles. 

In 2016, Jeff 4 Justice founded No More 2 Party System (NM2PS) and led the nationwide group through the end of the election.  NM2PS advocated for fair election laws and unbiased media inclusion of alternative political parties.

2016 06-21.JPG

In 2017, worsening medical conditions necessitated Jeff 4 Justice retire from politics and focus on his health. He lived like a recluse from 2017 through present day in 2021.


In 2021 Jeff 4 Justice returned to political activism persevering through his medical conditions to support equal rights of people who decline c19 jabs.



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