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Here are links to the news reports and other media I've been mentioned in:

2017 10-13 (Buzzfeed) People May Hate Roger Stone, But He's An LGBT Ally

2017 10-12 (South Florida Gay News) Column: Local Prominent Trump Supporter Pushes Back Against Advocate

2017 09-27 (The Advocate) Trump Trickster Roger Stone: 'I'm Trysexual, I've Tried Everything'


2016 11-07 (TMZ) Sen. Bernie Sanders When Supporters Attack 'You're a Sellout!!'

2016 10-12 (Crime Watch Daily) Crime Watch Daily Investigates True Story Behind 'King Cobra' Film

2016 09-16 (Raw Story) Bill Nye Is ‘Open Minded But Skeptical’ About The Two-party System

2013 12-20 (The Advocate) How Gay is Duck Dynasty Merchandise?

2013 11-22 (Queerty) Weird Al Wants Us To Get Married

2013 11-22 (HuffPost) ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic On Support For Gay Marriage, LGBT Rights

2012 06-14 (Queerty) Gay Guy Goes Off On Anti-Gay CA County Supervisors

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